Product Development & Management (electronics, hardware, sensors)

I provide advice to solve business and technology problems for both startups and emerging industry leaders. My consulting services for startup businesses draw on my own experience in:
- electronic/telecommunication applications
- microcontrollers and processors to sensors
- medical sensors
- mobile networks
- programmable logic devices
- avionic storage devices
- X-ray technology based machines

If you working on patent-pending hardware or developing new sensing technology for application in various industries, get in touch!

I am here to support your products and services through all stages of their lifecycle, including conception, definition, development, release and post-release activities.

I will:
review and improve your product competitiveness in the market
develop your strategic objectives for the product and ensure they are being achieved.
oversee critical tasks and responsibilities to ensure successful and timely execution of your R&D roadmap.
lead and mentor your product design and engineering team.
set up your R&D activities in the UK

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Price: £350 per day