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Connect with female experts in tech.

We are building tomorrow’s world today. Be part of it. 

She Leads Company marketplace (SLC) is a platform that brings women together. We trade wisdom and experience of women in the tech space. Every day our community of extraordinary individuals grows making SLC home to some of the smartest and most ambitious women in blockchain, clean energy-tech and fin-tech. This includes mentors and experts who range from developers to CFOs and who decided to give back to the community by offering free and paid advisory services on our platform. 

SLC gurus are women willing to share their expertise with you and talk about your career goals, business ideas, strategies and troubles. They are here to help you assume your rightful place at the table, help you create technology of the future or get promoted to a leadership role and achieve success. 

SLC mission is to close gender gap in business and access to finance for women. We go above and beyond to achieve 50/50 split between male and female founders and leaders. We support all fin-tech, clean-tech, blockchain and tech-enabled companies.

Find your expert today!

Searching the internet for a trusted advisor can be daunting and takes time.  We get it, you want to be certain that the guru you pay to speak with is worthy. SLC is a community that values your trust and safety. The expertise of our mentors and consultants is rigorously evaluated with only 10% being accepted to mentor and sell services on our platform. All mentors have at least 5 years of experience with startups or in tech companies. Their profile pages are filled with information about their strong points, skills and past projects. We use a trustful review system to help you make an informed decision about the mentors. 

Whether you are looking for career advice outside of your company or support with your business idea from a tech expert, we can connect you with our gurus quickly and easy. She Leads Company is here to make your entrepreneurship and career journey a little easier. 

Become a mentor!

New technology will define our future lives. Influence it.

Mentorship and expert support is critical to successful careers and businesses for women. As a trusted advisor you can help women to seek out advancement and help make sure they have tools to succeed. Women are often discouraged from showing confidence and ambition. As a mentor you can help reignite the fire and push women to achieve more than we’ve been told we’re destined for.

At SLC we are building a community of women helping women succeed and thrive. We are looking for passionate professionals who want to put their expertise at the disposal of future female leaders and entrepreneurs. Share your wisdom with others and give back to the tech community. 

You can easily build your online presence by creating your profile on our platform and starting to collect ratings and reviews. Let your work speak for itself without having to be salesy or spend fortune on promotion. Build your network, form long term business relationships and experience the power of community.

When selling your expert services directly through SLC platform you can set your own rates and time. Charge the amount you want and adjust your rates as you go based on the project, and your availability. You can offer paid services or free mentoring (check Terms of use and How it works for details).

Join our premium network for professionals by simply completing our online application here. We will review it and provide you with further instructions.