She Leads Company

Karolina is an experienced global entrepreneur, investor and manager with a track record in Fortune 500 leadership positions. Currently Founder of She Leads Company - a community created out of passion for helping women start their own business in clean energy-tech, fin-tech and blockchain industries and active in supporting diversity and gender equality in business.

Karolina has been involved in a variety of technology startups and corporations throughout her career. Karolina is recognized as an innovation strategist and an advocate for gender equality, she now uses her experience to help other entrepreneurs, investors and corporations.

Karolina is a London resident; she holds qualifications in Finance, Physics and Engineering obtained in the EU and the UK.

Your company name (optional):: She Leads Company
Are you a startup founder: Yes
How much time per month can you dedicate to mentoring (hours):: 2
Other Skills:: Investing, Startup Funding, Public Speaking, Innovation, Gender equality in tech
Startups or projects you work on in the past:: She Leads Company- development and investment in female led startups in STEM, E.ON - world wide energy project, NEC - Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

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