Help you hire a C-level position

I will work in the following ways:
1. take a thorough brief from you of exactly what you want (I will ask very specific questions)
2. Provide you with at least 1-2 good profiles (that I have interviewed and shortlisted) within 3-5 days of getting the brief.
3. Present the profiles with reasons why they are suitable, availability (notice period), salary expectations in an email to you.
4. Arrange the interviews for you
5. Follow up with candidates
6. Negotiate beast deal salary & benefits between you in a diplomatic and professional way.
7. Follow up post start date (if the candidate leaves within 30 days, provide 3 new suitable profiles and attempt to find a suitable replacement free of cost)

Please note: Although being very pro-active, sometimes due to specific requirement difficulties, the process takes longer than 5 days in total. Therefore, 5 days is the quotation for delivery of profiles. However, the payment to me shall only be released once the candidate have been found and the agreement between you and the candidate sealed with an offer that both parties accept.