Mentoring for women in STEM from experienced tech leaders

Join the Femme Palette Mentoring Programme for STEM Professionals

Get 12 hours of professional mentorship within 6 months with an experienced mentor who will help you achieve your goals in the tech industry.

Is mentoring right for you?
- Do you feel like you are not progressing in your tech career?
- Do you feel a bit stuck and need to find alignment between your goals?
- Do you want to switch careers and breakthrough into the tech industry?
- Do you need someone who will keep you accountable for your goals?
- Do you need to develop new skills?

Working together with an experienced mentor in your field can help you to achieve your goals more effectively, explore new career options, identify resources and expand your network.

What do I get as a mentee?
- 12 hours of 1:1 mentorship within 6 months (remote or in-person in London) for £299. The programme can't be purchased on an hourly basis.
- Goal-setting structure with progress tracking
- Access to a wider community of mentors and experienced professionals

What do you get from your mentor?
- Career advice guidance
- Help with the development of your knowledge and soft/hard skills
- Accountability to kick start your long-term growth
- Opportunity to expand your existing network

We currently offer the mentoring program in the following categories:
STEM is an expansive field with many entrances. We pair you with tech professionals working in software engineering, product management, UX, full-stack, front-end, back-end development, QA, data analysis, economics and beyond!

How much does the mentoring program cost?
£299 for 12 hours of 1:1 mentorship within 6 months. It equals £25 per hour of mentoring, however, the programme works as a bundle of 12 hours only.

Apply today and get your mentor. Fill in this short questionnaire to start. Inline link

To find out more about the programme, explore our community of mentors and read case studies from mentees who joined the program, head over to Inline link.