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How it works

How it works

Looking for an expert:

1. Search

Discover the best female mentors and experts in your area. Our gurus support businesses in tech, clean energy tech, fin-tech and blockchain.

The homepage will provide you an advanced search and filter options. It allows you to search by keyword or location, filter by categories and price. With only single click you can find what you want.

2. Select your mentor or advisor 

Review the list of experts, each profile will provide you with details about their skills and experience. Select the guru you like and schedule an appointment.

3. Start doing

Participate - schedule a meeting to begin structured activities and develop trusted relationship with your guru. Plan your goals and start advancing your career or building a business. 

4. Succeed

Build your confidence and skills. Gain experience not shared in books. Grow your network of support. Succeed!

Your network can open up new opportunities for business and career success! 

For Experts:

1. Register

Submit your application to join SLC platform using the Sign up button. We'll review your application and if you are successful we'll set up your profile on SLC platform.

2. Create your product or service

You can decide which order type you want to offer to our buyers. You can choose from 4 available options: 

  • Mentoring - offer bookable mentoring service using our online appointment scheduling tool. These are chargeable services offered on a per hour basis. It is impossible to offer free services on our platform however mentoring can be posted at our minimum transaction value equal to £1. Why be a mentor? Not only is it important to give back, but it feels good to do it. A mentoring relationship is filled with learning opportunities for both mentor and mentee. Being a mentor can help you re-engage with your skills and find a new sense of direction or purpose. You can also learn through teaching; being asked questions by the mentee requires the mentor to effectively communicate concepts and knowledge so they can comprehend and use them. 
  • Expert services- offer your services using our online appointment scheduling tool. There are three pricing units available to you - per hour, per day, per week. 
  • Events - sell tickets to your events here.
  • Packaged offers - are products and services that cannot be sold on a per hour basis. Use this option to sell your books, courses, training plans and other packaged services. 

3.  PayPal account 

Set up a PayPal account  
SLC uses PayPal as payment processor. You need to give permission to SLC to charge transaction fee. SLC charges a transaction fee for each paid transaction. This fee is 12% and it is charged automatically after each transaction. It is impossible to offer free services on our platform however minimum transaction value is £1.

You need a Business or a Premier account at PayPal. This is required in order to process credit card payments from non-PayPal users. If you don't have a business or a premier account, upgrading your existing account or creating a new PayPal Business or Premier account is quick and free of charge. There are no additional costs involved. 

To upgrade to a PayPal business or Premier account, go to If you are an individual, you might want to select a Premier account if available in your country. Alternatively just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

Note that in some countries, PayPal might requires some extra verification: don't hesitate to contact PayPal support to learn more about the details related to such an upgrade in your local area. 

Finally, your PayPal account must be configured to accept payment in SLC marketplace currency (GBP).

How the PayPal payment flow works

The following steps occur in a paid transaction processed by PayPal in a SLC marketplace:

  • You post a listing and define a price for the product or service.
  • The buyer opens the listing page, selects options (dates, shipping, quantity...) and clicks on the "Buy" button (or whatever name you've configured).
  • On the following page, the buyer reviews the details of the purchase and clicks "Checkout with PayPal". They are taken to PayPal to complete the payment. If they don't complete the payment within 1 hour, the transaction attempt is closed.
  • Once the payment is done, the buyer is taken to a page that displays the transaction details. They are told that the seller needs to accept the transaction before the money is transferred.
  • You get an email notification of a new transaction that needs to be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whatever comes first), the transaction is canceled and no money is transferred. Once accepted, the money (minus PayPal's payment processing fee - check Terms of use) is transferred to the your PayPal account. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction via email.
  • A second transaction is made automatically - these are the marketplace transaction fee deductions. The transaction fee is moved from your PayPal account to the marketplace PayPal account.
  • Both users can then discuss freely to agree on details. When the order is completed (users have met, product is delivered...), they can mark the order as completed.
  • Users can then review each other using SLC review feature. 


Why are PayPal permissions needed?

You need to give SLC certain permissions in order to make the transaction process work. They are needed for two purposes:

  • To be able to create a payment between the buyer and the guru on the guru's behalf.
  • To be able to charge the marketplace's transaction fee automatically from the guru's PayPal account.

What are the required PayPal permissions?

There are six specific permissions:

Express Checkout 

This is the payment system that SLC uses to process transactions. It allows buyers to buy without a PayPal account, only using a credit card. 


In case of a situation where the buyer of the product or service needs a refund, this will be a possibility. You can find out more about refund policies in our Terms of use.

Authorize and capture PayPal transactions 

The transactions that take place on the marketplace are initiated by the user. However, there is an additional transaction for the commission fee that is not manually initiated by the user, but rather our system. This is the feature that allows SLC to collect a fee from the sales on the marketplace. 

Obtain information about a single transaction 

Sometimes, there can be a problem with single transactions. We unfortunately cannot solve all problems, but by getting some basic information about the transactions, we are able to do some troubleshooting of potential payment problems without having to involve PayPal support. 

Charge an existing customer based on a prior transaction 

This is to allow SLC to charge a commission based on a transaction that has taken place on the marketplace. This is a second transaction that takes place after the first one is successful. 

Access PayPal contact information 

This is needed to let the marketplace know which PayPal account is being used for the marketplace.

You can revoke the permissions using PayPal account management at any time. If this is done, you will no longer be able to accept payments from SLC transactions.