Henryka S

My Background

A highly skilled technical expert with over 17 years of experience in the technological sector.
Turning concepts into reality for Fortune 500 companies in France and the UK (EDF, NOKIA) and for innovative startups globally. My most recent project involved setting up new R&D activities for an Australian company in the UK. I hold engineering degrees in electronics, in radio-electricity and image/speech analytics, and an MBA.

My superpowers:

Product development, including managing a technology budget and making strategic decisions to align the company with their vision for its technological needs
Overseeing your electronics and software development team (in-house and outsourced)
Business strategy and business plan development
Exit strategy

Education and Career Highlights:

  • Masters/engineering degrees in electronics, in radio-electricity and image/speech analytics
  • MBA
  • 17 years working in technological roles (technical lead, hardware engineer, CTO)
  • 8 years managerial and business development experience
  • 5 startup consulting
  • Advanced technological skillset and a demonstrated history with technology.
  • Exceptional team management skills.

During my career, I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups and small businesses, and across industries such as:
- electronic/telecommunication applications
- microcontrollers and processors to sensors
- medical sensors
- mobile networks
- programmable logic devices
- avionic storage devices
- X-ray technology based machines

Are you a startup founder: Yes
How much time per month can you dedicate to mentoring (hours):: 1
Other Skills:: managing a technology budget, overseeing electronics and software development team, exit strategy
Startups or projects you work on in the past:: electronic/telecommunication applications, microcontrollers and processors to sensors

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